3 thoughts on “And I bet your University doesn’t even have one.

  1. Mine (ok, since today I have a new Employer, so: RWTH-Aachen University has). I spend most of September struggeling with them because I used the term “security theater” to describe new “improvements” in online banking in an interview. You can read the details at http://blogs.23.nu/disLEXiaDE/?day=20050830 if you are able to read german.
    In a well nown south german university this department (usually disguised under the name “press office” or “public relations”) found out around 1998 that there is this Web thing ans dend out an requirement that all publications – including webpages – have to be submitted to them for review before publishing. After somebody explained to them that they first should review the 100.000 or so existing Webpages on the Universities servers and afterwards contemplate Article 5 III of the German Constitution (http://www.bundestag.de/htdocs_e/info/030gg.pdf) they changed their mind.

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