Threat Modeling Blog Series

Over on my work blog, I just wrapped up a series on threat modeling. Because blogs display the content backwards, I’ve put the entire series up as a Word doc: The Trouble With Threat Modeling.

[Update: If you want to see all the threat modeling posts, they’re at Threat Modeling SDL blog posts. They’re displayed latest to oldest, which we’re looking into.]

4 thoughts on “Threat Modeling Blog Series

  1. I’d really like to read it in blog form … but it is unlinked. Could it be turned into a blog post with each chapter in order?

  2. On the blog page: on I guess what is the current entry, about half a page down, there is this title and link:
    Detailed awareness of your architecture and its attack surface
    Threat Modeling
    links to which I found more understandable when I re-read it after the blog posts.
    Manual trackback: my comments and criticisms on blog:

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