More things to Do With the “Last 4”

Apparently, in Ohio, you’ll be able to vote if you know the last 4 digits of an SSN. As the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

Voters who don’t have identification will be able to vote at next week’s election by presenting the last four digits of their Social Security number and casting a provisional ballot.

Will they be distributing lists to the polling places? If so, when if the lists are stolen, and people can access credit cards, phone records, and lord knows what else, will the loss of control be reported?

Via Jonathan Adler at Volokh, “Ohio Voter ID Case Settled.” Photo by Mike Benedetti.

“Every Valid Vote?”

Kip Esquire continues his coverage in “ACLU Sues to Block Georgia Voter ID Law,” and closes, like he did a comment on my last post on the subject:

Always remember, it’s not about “making every vote count,” but rather “making every valid vote count.”

I don’t think this works as a requirements statement. First, it feels tautological. Second, within that ‘every valid vote’ is a great deal of wiggle room. I know Kip doesn’t mean this, but his definition doesn’t exclude Jim Crow laws and ‘how many bubbles are in a bar of soap’ questions. Every valid vote was counted. The elections held under those rules disenfranchised blacks. Not what we want. Most importantly, the rule feels narrow and disconnected from the real purpose of an election, which is to facilitate a peaceful transfer of legitimate power by gauging the will of the people.